Association of Commercial Aquaponics Companies (ACAC)

COST Action FA1305 has initiated an affiliation of SMEs who focus on commercial aquaponics.


Members of Working Group 3 – Aquaponics Economic, Environmental, and Social Sustainability Think Tank: Reviewing the State of the Art and Generating Innovation – representing SMEs will form the first management board of ACAC:

Ragnheidur Thorarinsdottir – Svinna, Iceland
Paul Kledal – IGFF, Denmark
Fernando Sustaeta – Breen, Spain
Maja Turnsek – Ponnod, Slovenia
Rob van de Ven – LandingAquaculture, Netherlands
Sebastien Stoll – IDEE Aquaculture, France

Ragnheidur Thorarinsdottir will serve as the contact person at

Mission Statement

ACAC‘s main aim is to provide a network of SMEs whose main focus is the commercialisation of aquaponics in Europe. The group will collaborate and share best available practice information e.g. regarding regulations, licenses and related issues in each country, and promote standardisation and certification work in aquaponics.


European SMEs working towards the commercialisation of aquaponics can become associate members. Members must be actively implementing commercial aquaponics in a European context. Applications for membership should be submitted to together with information about how the company fullfills the requirements, main activities and contact person. Applicants will receive a response within four weeks. A worldwide affiliation is also envisaged so that information can be exchanged beyond the EU.


Information about ACAC will be published on the COST FA1305 Action website and on the websites of associate members.

Association of Commercial Aquaponics Companies

Institute of Global Food and Farming, Denmark –
Main activities: Urban and semi-urban aquaponics
Contact person: Dr. Paul Rye Kledal,

Main activities: Commercial aquaponics production (starting 2017)
Contact person: Agnes Joly,

IDEE Aquaculture, France –
Main activities: Engineering, design and certification
Contact person: Sebastien Stoll,

Svinna-verkfraedi, Iceland –
Main activities: Implementing geothermal aquaponics and diversification into tourism and by-products
Contact person: Dr. Ragnheidur Thorarinsdottir,

LandingAquaculture, Netherlands –
Main activities: Engineering and design
Contact person: Rob van de Ven,

Ponnod, Slovenia –
Main activities: Commercial large scale aquaponics
Contact person: Maja Turnsek,

NER-BREEN, Spain –
Main activities: Zero-waste large scale aquaponics
Contact person: Fernando Sustaeta,

Tilamur, Spain –
Main activities: Commercial aquaponics (2016)
Contact person: Mariano Vidal Torrano,

UrbanFarmers, Switzerland–
Main activities: Urban farming
Contact person: Andreas Graber,